CosmoKidz Activities: 31 Scenarios

Short Guide to CosmoKidz

Welcome to CosmoKidz. The purpose of these cards is to help children develop awareness and compassion about their social worlds. This one-page guide provides a quick overview for using the cards. For more information about the purpose, goals, and specific ways to use the CosmoKidz cards and supplementary materials, please read the User’s Guide.

Each scenario contains the following:
  • Illustration (a picture that illustrates the theme and scenario)
  • Theme/Heading
  • Imagine (a scenario that is consistent with the theme)
  • Ask (questions to help children explore the theme and scenario)
  • Act (one to two activities that encourage children to act productively into the scenario)
  • Two digital puppets for use in acting out the scenario
  • The scenarios can be used with one child or a group of children.
  • Each scenario can be used in a longer session of approximately 30 minutes or a card can be used for several days in 10 minute segments.
  • Begin each session by taking a few deep breaths with the children to focus attention.
Look at the illustration together.
  • Read the scenario, and ask the children to imagine it.
  • Use the “Ask” questions, along with your own creativity, to help the children think more deeply about the scenario and how situations like these affect them and others.
  • Move to the “Act” section to help the children imagine future ways of acting into the scenario.
  • “SOAR” together, either by repeating what SOAR stands for and/or singing and dancing it. (Access our two versions of the SOAR-song here).

Watch for situations that are consistent with scenarios that you have worked on when the children are playing throughout the day. Remind them of productive and compassionate ways of acting in these situations.

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