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CosmoKidz is our gift to you.


Includes everything:

  • CosmoKidz original 31 Scenarios + a growing number of Bonus Scenarios (Ages 4-8)
  • Three Choices...and then what  happens...? (Ages 8-12)
  • Environmenal Awareness Scenarios (Ages 8-12)
  • It's a Good Day to SOAR! children's book (Ages 4-8)
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Why are these products free?

CosmoKidz is one of the initiatives of the Non-Profit organisation The CMM Institute. The mission of the Institute is to make better social worlds, not to maximize proceeds.

I'd like to help fund new CosmoKidz projects.

DIY Puppets

Fabric available through Spoonflower $19 per yard
(price subject to change without notice)

Suitable for in-person or remote learning situations.

Sew-Easy DIY Puppet

Easy-to-follow directions are printed right on the fabric. Simply cut around the puppet shapes and sew them together. One side is happy, the other side unhappy. Each yard also includes a template for making child-sized puppets that your students can make and embellish with fabric paint, buttons, glitter, and glam.
One yard of fabric includes:

  • 4 two-sided CosmoKidz puppets
  • template for child-sized puppets
  • complete instructions printed right on the fabric
IMPORTANT: CK Puppet Fabric is available through Spoonflower. Click the image below, and be sure to select a full yard(s) of fabric. Fat quarters (default selection) will NOT make complete puppets.

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